Digital Commercialization 2.0

Enter new dimensions in real estate distribution – time-consuming e-mail and telephone enquiries belong to the past!

Use the smart immonow ennquiry management with integrated customer management and the illustration of business cases and reduce your administration expenditure.

  • Minimum effort and maximum customer satisfaction thanks to automated notifications – to not miss any appointments and deadlines
  • Clear presentation of open and processed inquiries including status of data processing consent (GDPR) and waiver of revocation
  • Definition of matching criteria for the pre-selection of potential customers (especially for rental properties with high demand)
  • Generated search requests from queries for maximum efficiency and best customer service
  • Fair and transparent evaluation of interested parties
  • Automatic answering of inquiries at any time – individually selectable
  • Exposé and advertising media templates – in corporate design

Object and Project Website

Use the distribution technology of tomorrow with immonow, today!

With immonow – object, project and company websites in your corporate design. At immonow, each object receives its own website with all information and descriptions – free of charge and optimized for search engines.

  • Free, automatically generated website per object or project
  • Connection and distribution to desired real estate platforms
  • Creating templates with the immonow template editor
  • New smart display options for your object or project
  • Integration of interactive elements
  • Representation of all desired data far beyond the limits of various transmission standards
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