Together we bring more together.

Digitalisation presents us with a number of challenges. It allows us to automate common work patterns and recurring activities, save time and increase efficiency. We see these challenges as an opportunity to create something big.

Innovations in the real estate industry are critical to long-term success. That is why we at immonow made it our mission to give our customers access to digitisation and innovation.

We work with both big players and leading PropTechs to provide you with the latest and best solutions. By connecting workflows and processes as well as networking all dimensions of the real estate life cycle, we are able to generate sustainable benefits and added value.

immonow Netzwerk

The immonow Innovation Hub consists of several exclusive cooperations from the industry and beyond – along the entire value chain of real estate industry.

Our partners in the Innovation Hub offer, among other things, the following services professionally integrated into immonow:

  • SQUAREBYTES – Virtual Reality and more – experience real estate – the new dimension of marketing – Squarebytes is the digital agency for virtual tours and architectural visualizations.
  • REALONAUT – The online platform for virtual 360-degree tours
  • PROPSTER – From project to project – the simple handling of special requests and more
  • BIM-SPOT – There is no reason not to work with BIM. You’d be surprised how easy it can be.
  • PLAN RADAR – Digital documentation and communication in construction and real estate projects
  • CHECK MY PLACE – The reliable partner for digital, high-quality location information and services in the real estate industry
  • NUKI – Entering the smart home world with NUKI – the smart door lock for the home
    and much more …
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